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Starleigh Entertainment is the Baltimore region's most diversified provider of quality entertainment. We provide acts for clubs, weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs, high school dances or children's partys.

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9 Mile Roots

Biography: Welcome to 9 Mile Roots. 9MR is a band that slashes through the mold of normality. When one of the 6 members has a song or a riff idea, it goes through the 9MR filter; it gets tweeked, it gets shredded, it gets edgier or louder, sometimes it gets chopped completely, but it will always jump out the box as a killer groove with a unanimous stamp of approval. The sound created by 9MR comes from a number of influences. They are constantly striving to find that delicate blend of reggae and rock where the music just floats on it’s own. The sound of 9MR has been compared to Sublime and Reel Big Fish with drops of Marley and John Browns Body, and the whimsy of Cake and Bare Naked Ladies. 9 Mile Roots hails from the Baltimore area and is always up for playing the dock bars, the festivals, the dive bars, and even the private party.

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